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You know I have a passion for roses, don’t you? With a name like ‘Rose’…. I grow roses in my own garden (showed you how to root roses). Roses are all over the blog – see links section below) I even showed you how to draw a simple rose. Sure, use your simple rose technique for illustrations on your jam pot labels and things like that. Today, I am going take it a bit further and share with you how to paint roses.  Painting roses is very simple, but practice makes perfect.

How to Paint Roses - free video tutorial

Let me start with my 1,2,3 how-to and demo to you using my illustration. Then, I’ll show you a video tutorial that shows my roses at a slightly different angle. Both are useful to you as by combining these designs, you’ll create the illusion of a full bouquet.


How to Paint Roses – Free Tutorial

  1. You start with creating a background
  2. Put a rather lavish amount of 2 paint colors onto your brush. Usually two shades of the same color achieved by combining white or cream with a reddish or yellowish tone, depending on the color of the roses you wish to paint. Create 5 outside petals: 1-3 large ones at the back, 1 on the front left and 1 on the front right.
  3. Keep on loading your brush and adding slightly overlapping inner petals. Don’t overdo it: not too many petals and details, and do not fix petals.  Fewer strokes usually gives better results. Painting needs to retain a certain quality of mystery. You are probably done after this with your impression of your rose. If you want to take it further, you can create more contrast. Working with a slightly smaller brush, you can load a slightly darker tint than the main color of your flower, and add thin darker strokes along the lightest strokes on the shadow-side of each petal. Rose petals look darker on the deepest inside of the rose than on the outer edges. And that’s it

And that’s it. Needless to say, you need to practice so that you really learn how to paint roses. But you’ll be surprised as just how quickly it starts to look good. And then, once you got it, you got it for the rest of your life! You’ll know how to paint roses everywhere, and I know that you will!

(image credit: video still)


How to Paint Roses – Video Tutorial

Step-by-step painting instructions.

I think this is a good video as it really takes the time to show you how to paint roses, petal by petal.



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