How to Mount a TV on the Wall

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How to Mount a TV on the Wall | OK. This isn’t a craft, but a worthwhile DIY project with a big impact on your livingroom’s overall appeal and tidy look. And, oh… it benefits your neck!!! Q: What’s ‘this’??!! This is a tutorial on how to mount that new flat TV screen on the wall, and hide those ugly TV cords while you are at it.

Have a look at this before / after of TV screen wall mounting, and spot the differences: 1) No wires! < (I know that you cannot really see the octopus of wires that lives behind the screen in the pic on the left, but it’s there alright.); and 2) A better viewing angle: your TV screen will be at the right height and having the right angle. As a result of all this, your room looking tidier when the TV is not on and you stand to gain greater enjoyment of watching TV.

How to Mount a TV on the Wall

How to Mount the TV to the wall | DIY | Fine Craft

image credit | tutorial : House of Hepworths

Now, before you hop over, as want to mount your TV on the wall too, realize that what they actually did (drill a hole in the wall and hide the cords inside the wall) is NOT to code. So it is not advisable to follow their footsteps verbatum. However, they sure have lots of tips and hints for you that will nonetheless be useful to you. So, let’s not ban them altogether, as they nonetheless made this inspirational photo, right, that hopefully gets us all into a space of ‘let’s finally mount the TV on the wall’…

How to mount a TV on the wall, properly!

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Step 1: Get yourself this gadget: Flat Panel In-Wall Power & Cable Management Kit.(learn more or purchase on Amazon)

  • Installs directly below, above, or in-between the wall mount, or vertically next to a single-stud mount.
  • The AV CablePass is reversible (from hood to in-wall scoop) to prevent cables being crunched behind heavy AV equipment.
  • PowerBridge allows for connection to external power surge protection units to fully protect expensive TVs.
  • Safe to install: easy, color-coded wire connections and clear instructions.
  • Save money: No electrician needed…do it yourself with basic tools and the included instructions and wall-cutout template.

Step 2: Get a Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket. (leorn more or puchase on Amazon)

  • Top Selling Mount at Amazon for Two Years (100% Lifetime Guaranty) Stronger (Dual Hook) with Less Metal GREEN Design
  • Flush-Tilt design is only 1.3″ from wall while still providing 15 degrees tilt
  • Supports up to VESA 700×400 (including 65″ Panasonics) and up to 165LBS
  • Fits Up To 24″ Studs With An Additional 3″ of Side-to-Side Adjustment (11″ of adjustment on 16″ Studs)
  • Included 10′ Braided Cable Supports 1080P, 3D, Ethernet, and Audio Return conforming to Lastest HDMI 1.4 Standard.

Step 3: Call said spouse as you’ll need his/her help to pull this one off. Follow all the instructions that come with these two above-mentioned products, and whiz by the Hepburns for a bit of handyman advice to avoid their mistake.

Step 4: Now, get your toolset and begin. It won’t take you more than an hour to hang up the mount bracket for your TV, attach the TV screen to it and deal with any fiddly issues.

And that’s how to mount a TV on the wall. If you plan it for next Saturday morning, you can have it ready for the afternoon games.

Don’t have a TV but still have some wires to hide??

hide wires behind art ::

Here’s a related fabulous idea on how to hide otherwise unsightly wires, extension cords & plugs: behind an oversized piece of number art. So clever. That’s got to be European (ha ha).

Photo credit and link to Swedish blog:

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