How to Make Your Own Dumbbell

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Fitness and weight training is high on everyone’s agenda. So here’s a project you will all love: How how to make your own dumbbell.

how to make your own dumbbells

As upcycling is on my agenda, I thought to bring you a craft idea to  kick-start your work-out routine by adding some weights, that would not really cost you very much, and would make you miss the gym less. Rather than buying some that will be too light for you within a few months, this dumbbell design allows you to expand your dumbbell’s weight as you gain muscle mass and strength.


Inflatable Dumbbells

An alternative solution here for you: inflatable dumbbells using water as weight. The most ideal, portable weights solutions: inflatable dumbbells you can fill with water. Perfect solution for weight workouts while traveling. Also a small apartment solution.

AquaBells Dumbbells Water Weights – AquaBells Dumbbells – AB2AB2

These dumbbells can also be used by us (girls), by beginners in weight training, as you can simply pour in less water. There are 16 lb. per two filled weights on one dumbbell. Want an 8 lb dumbbell? Then you should fill just two of the 4 chambers on each side.

As you progress in your weight training program, you can opt up the weight of your dumbbell to suit your training needs and get a better workout.

What You’ll Need to Make Your Own Dumbbells Instead

  • Loads of obsolete CDs: yours and your friends…. or check your local Goodwill store if you need some extra. Aim for 60-150 CDs.
  • Hardware store supplies: an 12 inch threaded rod with a diameter that is the same as the center hole of the CDs
  • 4 3/4 inch spools to hold the CDs together on either side of the handle in the middle.

How To Make Your Own Dumbbell Set

  • Put a spool on the end of your rod, and start adding CDs. Don’t rush it, otherwise your CDs and DVDs crack.  When you have used up 1/4 of your CD stack, add another spool.
  • Then, measure the width of the CD stack and estimate where your begin spool should be after the handle section. 
  • Again, add CDs till you are now 1/2 way of your CD stack.  You should have exactly as many CDs on the front section as on the back section of your dumbbell.
  • When done, add the final spool.  This is the first dumbbell.
  • If you want to work with a set of two dumbbells, the CD weight should be identical on the left and on the right, so repeat the process exactly.

Gaining Strength?

Over time, simply undo the spools and add a few CDs on the front and the back of each dumbbell.

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