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I don’t know about you, but in last two quilting classes, a ‘miracle’ occurred. I had literally NO IDEA that all you do to make this dazzling number of tiny pieces that make up a quilt block are simply small cut squares from a larger 2×2 quilt block. All  that our quilting instructor Janeen van Niekerk did was rotating 2 out of the 4 pieces, and voila: a fantastic quilt pattern occurred. OK. Call me simple. I just did not know. And I thought it was beautiful.learn how to quilt rows

So, like you, I am curious to see what kind of ‘amazing’ technique Janeen will reveal today to help us take the next step in making our beginners quilt. Today, she’ll be talking about creating quilt rows.  I know you are a silent bunch, but tell me what you think of the class in the comments below.

If you are arriving here without having seen any of the 5 prior classes,  do not panic. I have posted the links to all the classes at the very end of this article for your use.

Happy Quilting, everyone!

Tips for Beginners #6
Making Quilt Rows

By Janeen van Niekerk


(I am assuming that you just finished class 5 of this free online course for beginning quilters)….

Now that we have our 9 quilt blocks all made up and trimmed to the right size (i.e. 11,5″),  we can start to put our mini-quilt top together. The top is the front of the quilt you are working on.

how to make quilt rows :: free online quilting workshop for beginners

Each quilt row will be made up of 3 of these finished quilt blocks.

Making a Quilt Row

Pin and sew the 3 blocks together in a row.  Make sure that your seams are facing opposite sides to the next row. (Luckily there is no having to make sure of points to joins or match up with the rows. This would be the case if you were to make an advanced-level quilt).

how to make quilt rows :: free online quilting workshop for beginners

In the picture below. note how quilt blocks #1, 2 and 3 all line up to make a continuous quilt pattern in the row. Pretty, eh?!

Now, make three of these quilt rows (i.e. strips of joined blocks).

Joining Quilt Rows

Once you have 3 quilt rows, then you can start to join the first two rows to each other, to get the resulting quilt motive below made up of 6 quilt blocks. Once you sewn the first and second row together, go ahead and do the second and third row too.

joining quilt rows :: how to make quilt rows :: free online quilting workshop for beginners

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How to Make Nesting Seams

This is a super-important quilting tip:  Make sure that you  ‘nest’ your seams in these horizontal rows and join up the seams where the blocks meet. Do the same for the second and third horizontal row too.

How to Nest Seams
free online quilting workshops, how to nest seams

Here you can see where I made sure that my seams were nested and joined together at their seams. Pin your work together because the fabric will move around as you are sewing and then your joints won’t match up. We want to have good crisp joins so that our top will look really neat.

Like so:

Sewn Quilted Blocks in Rows, and Rows onto Rows
free paper piecing quilt pattern

(Do you see the 9 blocks, or do you see the overall  design?)

Now, see?! We are already almost done with the top. Next time we will measure, cut our remaining fabric and attach our borders.

Press with the iron onto each seam so that it is lying down flat. You can also press the front of the mini-quilt and make sure that each block is flat and beautiful.

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Quilt artist Janeen van Niekerk is an avid quilter. In particular, she’s an accomplished paper piecing designer. She does it all with a passion.

Janeen’s prolific range of hand-made quilts (she takes commissions for personalized, stylish portrait quilts), as well as her unique quilt patterns (think quilts featuring safari animals and trees, or kids toys) are inspired by her environs; she lives in sunny Pretoria in South Africa, with her husband and kids.

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how to make quilt rows :: free online quilting workshop for beginners


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