How to Make Pompoms

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How to make pompoms as glorious as this one, is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Once confined to crafting workshops at summer camps, these colorful, soft and fluffy bits of whimsy have made a comeback. Or rather, pompoms have taken the centerstage in fashion and home décor.
how to make pompoms ::


How to make pompoms ::;

 1. Cut 2 circles from some recycled cardboard. Use a bottle cap or small round object so your circle is perfect. Then, use a whole punch to open up the center and then cut an inner circle of about 1/4th of the total diameter.  Now you’ll have 2 cardboard rings.


how to make a pompoms

2. If you are a decoration-nut like me, than decorate your rings as you’ll be looking at them for a while…. ;-) However, step 2 is simply taking some yard and putting it through and around your two rings together like so.


How to make pompoms ::

3. When the rings are full of yarn, like in the picture, cut in between them all the way around. Now, with double yarn, tie a secure knot in the center of the two. Remove the cardboard rings and fluff your pompom.  Trim if/as needed.


First pompom:

How to make pompoms ::


Tip 1: Use several shorter threads rather than one super-duper long thread, as it’s faster and less physical exercise.
Tip 2: If you have an exact size of pompom in mind, realize that your final pompom will be 2x the width of the cardboard ring, not counting the inner center cut-out.


Applications & Uses of Pompoms

They are ENDLESS. Decorate cards, crochet, knitting or sewing projects.  Use them as ties when hung on a string. String them into handmade jewelry. Hang a few from a boring skirt to jazz things up.  Ditto for your kitchen cabinets…  Hang a few in the baby nursery room or girl bedroom.  A bunch of them will be great for parties, and equally good after the party to be washed, trimmed and sewn on a quilt.


What’s your favorite use for pompoms?

How are planning to use this pompom tutorial?

btw. if you want to make very consistent-sized pompoms, and a lot of them, I recommend a pompom maker. This gadget let you make pretty pompoms fast. Choose a set of makers rather than a single size. This is what a pom pom maker looks like:
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