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My post on how to make tissue paper flowers is one of the more popular step-by-step crafts tutorial at Fine Craft Guild.

Yesterday, I made some new designs for tissue paper flowers for a recent party, using recyclable materials. Given the popularity of my other tissue paper flowers, I thought to show you how I made these as well. And while I’m at it, I’ll show you some additional issue paper flower designs I’ve made.

The basic techniques I used to make this set of tissue paper flowers is the same as per the other paper making tutorial. However, how I finish the flowers is different.

I could give you paper flower templates. However, all you really need to cut is rectangular pieces of paper that don’t even need to be exact nor tidy. Cutting the paper approximately the same size is actually better than exactly the same as it reflects nature’s variations. You’ll see.

Let me give you the simple step-by-step instructions on how to make 3 different types of tissue paper flowers.

1. Over-sized aka Pompom Tissue Paper Flowers

tissue paper flowers garland

Remember how you made my basic tissue paper flowers? You take 3 sheets of colored paper, and fold them up like a harmonica. Then you tie them in the middle with a bit of Scotts tape, a piece of string or a grocery bag tie.

Then, as per the picture on the right, you press the center of the paper flowers flat & carefully lifting up & separate the three layers, while rounding and shaping the flowers with your fingers.

What I did differently here, is make them huge. As you can see in the picture, the rectangle of the each paper is almost 1.5 x the size of my hand. I have used three layers here, however if you use 7-8 layers, you can create a full 3D sphere instead of folding the paper flowers just towards 1 side.

You can cut the edges at both ends to be round or spiky, or cut many incisions for a chrysanthemum-style flower.

It is as easy as that!

tissue paper flowers pompoms

I made 7 of these huge tissue paper flowers for a splashing table display.

2. Pansy Paper Flowers from Recycled Materials

Next I made some yellow paper flowers, as per the host’s request.

This one is 100% made of recycled materials.

tissue paper flowers w ribbons

Instructions for this paper flower are as follows:

For the petals, I recycled the tissue paper that’s usually wrapped around flowers. It’s a bit textured like a thick paper napkin.

Cut three circles of slightly different shapes and a bit oval.

For the red ‘whiskers’ in the center, I recycled some red netting from a garlic bag. (A morsel of red crepe paper or a shiny red candy wrapper would have been fine too).

I tie 2 yellow circles and the red piece together with a bit of tie. And fold the ends of the tie at the back, so as to create a base of the flower.

Next, I cut a gift wrap ribbon in two, lengthwise, and curled it up with scissors, and put it over the tie in the center.

With scissors, I cut a tiny circle in the center of the third yellow circle and slide this circle over the folded tie at the back of the flower to become the outermost layer of petals. I secured it with some Scotts tape.

paper flowers

3. Multi-colored Paper Flowers for Flower Garland

In this paper flower garland was laced around my romantic vintage kitchen mirror. Lovely, hey?!

I’ve paired the standard paper flowers (2 or 3 layers of paper, folded, tied and separated), with a strip of that yellow netting that bags of lemons are made of.

paper flowersI noticed that the tightly woven garlic bags (in flower above) behaves very different to this loose lemon bag netting. This means that they are suitable for different flower styles.

curly tissue paper flowers

4. Modern Elegant Paper Flower

paper  flowersDesigning is all about colors, shapes and textures, isn’t it?

This color scheme of white, black and ‘gold’ gives this flower a sophistication that pinks & purples can not match. Make this paper flower as a gift tag or group of few of them to add some decoration to an otherwise barren counter.

Elegant does not have to be expensive. This paper flower is made from a recycled (but clean) napkin, a layer of black paper (the incisions to create petals were cut after the flower was put together). The center is lemon bag netting. If you want, you could stroke the netting with gold glitter glue  or craft paint for a bit of splash. Or use the eco-green method: you could soak the netting in some coffee grind or tea leaves so it changes from lemon yellow to gold yellow.

If you like chocolate, next time around, clean that silver paper around your bar and add it to your paper making stash.

5. Easy Paper Flower

pink flower

So easy. Paper napkin scraps. 2 pieces slightly different sizes. Layer them, with smallest on top. Fan them a bit. Double layered tiny center paper pieces on top. All tied together with a bit of string. Curl edges a bit.


Loveliness, in 2 seconds flat.

Bonus Paper Flower Designs

When you’re a bit done with make these other flowers, try this little flower with pretty petals for a change. It is made entirely differently then the others.purple flower

For this one, take a rectangular strip of the kind of paper that flowers are gift-wrapped in. (Yes, I pretty much recycle 100% of colored paper that comes into our home in some craft or another. ) Fold it over 5 times and cut pointy pedals. Unfold and roll it up.

Because this paper almost feels like fabric, I opted to sew it at the back with a few stitches in stead of Scotch tape to create a very tight center.

BTW this flower is also good to make out of felt as a tassel for a drawstring bag.  Add some beads plus a pretty cord and you’re done.

Secret to Success for Paper Flower Patterns

The real secret to successful paper flower patterns is to experiment. Don’t stop with store-bought crepe paper or tissue paper. That’s where you begin. But then, try things out. Then, you create a pattern all of your own.

To help creativity along, walk around the house. Look into your ‘messiest’ corners and collect bits and pieces. E.g. A pretty lined envelop would create beautiful sculpted flower pedals or leaves, while the stamp cut into a star-shape would make a fun flower center. Etc.

I noticed that the more flowers I make, the more daring/better I get at pairing colors and textures. I suggest you do the same.

Where to Buy Tissue Paper

Whenever I can, I’d like to give you a couple of good references for suitable craft materials (in one or more online crafts stores). I usually do a bit of research for this, as you know. So, let me recommend you this one: The online bargain for quality tissue paper to suit this project is this Dmd Tissue Value Packs 20 x 26 Inch 100/Package.

This is a pack of assorted colors, which are beautiful colors, rather than your run-of-the-mill boring basics. The papers are evaluated as very high quality. Note that they are generous sized papers compared to other packages out there. Larger paper means a better value for money, but also greater crafts versatility. Besides being good for a range of crafts, this paper is what you’ll need to make tissue paper flowers.

Over to You

So go play making tissue paper flowers, experiment and please do share your own tissue paper flowers with us. We’d love to feature works by readers.

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