How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block


Today’s ‘How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block’ is Quilting Workshop #20 for beginners. Today, we will learn how to make the second block in our sampler quilt. This free online quilting workshop is taught by quilting instructor Janeen van Niekerk, who is an expert designer of classic and paper piece quilts. Learn more about Janeen and her work at the end of this article.

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block

Today’s quilt block is our second in the sample quilt workshop series. We will be making our quilt blocks from the easiest one and build up our skill step by step. Until we reach all 9 of our blocks and we become quite good at making quilting…

Our Second Block – The Log Cabin (Photo A)

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft
How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block

This block is a very traditional but popular block that dates back to the 1800’s and some say even back to the Egyptians – who knows. Accuracy in cutting is very important here. Seams on this block are also all ¼” (6mm).

Plan: (Photo B)

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block

The fabric choices are up to you on this block – you can have a different color for each strip or you can follow the plan with 2 strips of the same color meeting at the corners. The combinations for color on this block and placement in a quilt are endless. A traditional way is to make all light colors on one side of the block and all darks on the opposite side.

The same block just turned around can make a totally different quilt each time.

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft
How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft
Log Cabin Quilt Block
3 options for a totally different look

You can always use the plan to write your fabric name (e.g. Yellow print) into the section so that you will have a visual aid.

Cutting Instructions

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft

You will notice that in our block we have made our colors meet at the corners which means that the strips of the same color are NOT the same size. One of the strips will be longer than the other to accommodate the corner.

  • Piece A (consists of 2 colors)

9, ¼” x 1, ¾” – you will see that all strips are 1, ¾ ” high so it will help to cut a WOF (width of fabric) at 2” across and make your strips from that.

  • Piece B (2 colors)

8” x 1, ¾ ”

  • Piece C (1 color)

10, ½” x 1, ¾”

  • Piece D (2 colors)

6, ¾” x 1, ¾ ”

  • Piece E ( 2 colors)

6, ½” x 1, ¾”

  • Piece F (2 colors)

4, ¼” x 1, ¾”

  • Piece G (1 color)

3” x 1, ¾”

  • Piece H (Centre block)

3” x 3” ( need a 3” strip for this one).

Sewing Instructions

Starting with our Centre Block (H) – Join block to strip G (photo 2)

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft

Now working in an Anti-Clockwise direction – Join strip F to Piece H & G – Piece F here is the same color as piece G ( this forms our pattern for the block) (photo 3)

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft

Still working in the anti-clockwise direction – join strip F to pieces F & H (photo 4)

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft

Join strip E to pieces F & H & G (photo 5)

Keep working around the block and making sure you have 2 strips of the same color that meet in the corners each time. Keep checking the plan and visual aid if you made one.

You will end with adding Strip C (longest one).

Neaten your edges by only cutting a small smidge off to straighten the sides.

Finished Block

Our block ‘unfinished’ measures 10,5” (26cm) (photo 6)

How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block :: Fine Craft

This is our 2nd block for our sampler quilt. That’s it – Hope you enjoy making this block.‘Till next time,

Janeen van Niekerk,  free sampler quilt workshop 
Janeen van Niekerk, Quilting Instructor
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About Quilting Instructor Janeen van Niekerk

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:: Quilt artist Janeen van Niekerk is an avid quilter. In particular, she’s an accomplished paper piecing designer. She does it all with a passion.  Our latest news of quilt making instructor Janeen van Niekerk is that she has just launched a brand new paper piecing magazine.

Janeen’s prolific range of hand-made quilts (she takes commissions for personalized, stylish portrait quilts), as well as her unique quilt patterns (think quilts featuring safari animals and trees, or kids toys) are inspired by her environs; she lives in sunny Pretoria in South Africa, with her husband and kids.


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