How to Make Lampwork Beads – Video

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This craft video shows how to make lampwork beads, i.e. those popular jewelry beads you see everywhere. It shows, in particular, the making of a glass disc bead.

It demonstrates how start with a base, shape the bead, add metal, add raised dots and more.

I consider this to be a really clear demonstration,
ideal to learning making lampworking beads yourself.

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Mastering the Glass Bead Video

Let veteran glass bead artist and teacher Karen Stavert, also known as the “Dichro Diva,” show you how to create your own gorgeous one-of-a-kind beads with this inspiring introduction. In this 45 minute video, she demonstrates how two basic shapes can create a multitude of different beads. Step-by-step, she leads you through the process, demonstrating the tools and safety procedures needed to create your own unique beads. It’s a great way to explore the world of glass bead making.

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