How to Make Fancy Felted Soaps

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If you want to make some soap gifts without actually having to do any of the soap pouring, how about making a felted soap bar? It’s a good way to use up bits of wool, and the result is a soap bar which looks pretty, is exfoliating and is likely to be used up all-the-way to the end.

Want to try? Here we go.

Start with a single soap bar, and just two colors of wool, one main and one to whirl around the bar towards the end of the felting process for a fun decorative effect. Or, .. use the second color to add little balls to make a polka dot soap.

fancy felted soap, heart with rose

Once you have made a few bars, you’ll probably want tomakesome wilder experiments and try out something like this absolutely darling felted heart soap with rose which was once for sales  by SandieK, but which is no longer available. That’s is just as well, as with the below detailed step-by-step tutorial plus video demo and a couple of practice runs, you’ll soon make your own.

Let’s examine the detail: note how this is basically hot pink. Then a swash of white wool on one side was added, together with some strands of glitter wool. Then four specks of green wool were layered on. Finally an already semi-felted ball of light pink was attached. It looks like the rose actually has some stitches in it to give it that defined rose shape.

Tips & Hints

1. Overall, merino wool works best, so stick with that for fabulous results. Only real wool and protein fibers felt. So don’t waste time with acrylics.

2. Getting the right amount of wool is the trick. If you use too much you’ll have strands hanging from your soap later on. If you use too little, you’ll see patches of the soap shining through.

My tip is to err on the ‘less than’ side, and to use a simple design with just polka dots for your first soap. That way the holes in the soap will reinforce your spotted design. It will look artsy and be fully functional. And… you’ll learn how much more you’ll need for a fully covered soap, for next time.

How to Felt a Soap Bar

Everyone on the web seems to agree that this is the best tutorial, so why re-invent the wheel? Just click that link.

Video Demo on How to Create a Felted Soap Bar

This video demo, which reduces the process to just 2 minutes gives you a ‘life’ feel of how this is done. As well, it also shows how dazzling your soaps will become if you’d try using very bright wool strands and just blend them together.

It’s a perfect little project for Easter Spring break, and a craft that kids can do and that adults can enjoy.

A heart soap makes a great Mother’s Day gift…. So, why not practice (a lot) this week, then look for that heart shaped soap and then, … just in time, make Mom this lovely felted heart soap. Scrapbook a lovely tag for, and attach it to the bar with a strand of the same wool as the soap bar. She’ll love it.

Currently felted soaps are popular. You can find them in dazzling colors on many artisan craft markets. As well, Anthropologie carries felted soap balls that are fun gifts to give or get.

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