Cool Girl Craft: How to Make Elastic Hair Ties


What to do on a rainy weekend? ???!!! Oh, it’s easy: bejewel a plain, ordinary hair crunchy* into a work of art.

How to Make a Jewel Crunchy/Hair Tie

Here is how ~ it’s a simple formula:


how to make a crunchy

1. Find some seed beads.

2. Find some matching colored sequins

3. And some thread (and a thin (jewelry) needle)

4. Any plain old crunchi (hair tie) will do as a base.

5. Hand-sew a strip of fabric of 1 inch around the crunchy.  Turn it over when you are at the end, and sew the two end pieces together.

Now you have a pink crunchy instead of a black one.

Next at a random pattern, sew on the sequins with the beads. When the thread is finished you are done. Easy as pie.

hair pin tutorial


See how pretty they are? ??!!


Make two, so you can bring one to school on Monday and your friend will have one also.

* We all know what they are, and they are all the same thing, but how do you call/write this: crunchi, crunchy, crunchies, pony tail holders, hair ties, or what?

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