How to Make a Wreath with Dried Fruit

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This Week, we feature … ‘How to Make a Wreath with Dried Fruit’

Anna Wilson from ‘Tea and a Sewing Machine’ shared her beautiful and unique dried fruit wreath, as well has her techniques and illustrated instructions on how to make your own dried fruits in a separate article. I love how she chose to alternating lines & ball -shapes for her wreath. I think it looks fantastic and it makes total sense to make it now, so that you can enjoy it for Thanksgiving as well as the period leading up to Christmas.

Dried fruit wreath DIY - by Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine, Featured at

Here’s the Howto.

How to Make a Wreath with Dried Fruits

Dried fruit wreath DIY - by Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine, Featured at

There are really two steps to this: how to make your own fruit, and how to make a wreath. They are in separate articles on Anna’s site and be sure to view both.

The best aspect of making your own dried fruit wreath has to be the delicious smell in your home while from drying the fruit in your oven. According to Anna, the fruit has to be in the oven for a day. So that day (I’d pick .. Saturday) your home will have that amazing citrus smell. That has to be aromatherapy at its finest: the smell of orange lifts everyone’s mood and energy level. Perfect for my home for the weekend, when we are all tired from a very busy week.

Are you ready to make your home a cheerier place this holiday season? Then this is the wreath you should make.

See more photos and get the how-to.

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How to make a wreath dried fruits by Anna from Tea and a Sewing Machine, featured at

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