How to Make a Sophisticated Stencil

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When I came across this video of ‘How to Make a Sophisticated Stencil’ to create a glamorous door decoration, easily by using a stencil, I thought to feature it here at

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how to make a sophisticated stencil

While I have already written on the topic of ‘how to create your own stencil’ and other stenciling tips, there are various kinds of stencils needed for various kinds of stenciling projects. What is unique about this stenciling project is that it is large and complex, and sort of a ‘one-of’.

How to Make a Sophisticated Stencil

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I’d like to see this beautiful stencil on the back of a door, and then repeated once or twice in the room: as the feature of a hand embroidered pillow. on the bottom ends of drawn curtains, on a tea tray or painted on the wall or a mirror. As well, I would find designs for one or two smaller, compatible stencils to accompany this large featured one, so as to create a completely themed room that is refined in its detail.

Stencil Making Essentials

As you can see in this video, you need just a few things:
1. A bit of Patience, in the beginning…
2. Plastic Stencil-making sheets. Buy Blank Stencil Making Sheets 8.5″ x 11″ Frosted -Pack of 10 Sheets, or
2a. Blank Stencil Making Sheets Frosted (10)

Peruse all the Plaid Simply Stencils. Some of these precut stencils are fabulous and you can incorporate their shapes into your own, larger designs. Be creative, but do use the tools available. A couple of good stencils can save you days of work!
3. A Stencil Cutting Kit
4. A black permanent marker
5. Color markers
6. A beautiful pattern from an interior design book or somewhere else that you like to use as a sample.

Stencil Making Steps

I don’t want to repeat the whole video nor my prior article on how to make your own stencil, but this stencil can be made in 4 easy steps:

1. Overlay the plastic sheet onto the pattern of choice
2. Trace it calmly and carefully onto the stencil sheet
3. Color in the stencil, as you wish to see it in your final design
4. Cut the stencil design carefully and slowly with an exacto knife.

Tip for a Creating Complex Stencil

Consider getting a few more plastic stencil sheets and use one for each color, while also featuring other parts of the overall stencil so you get the positioning perfectly right.

Your Turn to Make a Stencil

I hope you are inspired. Let us know the project you’ve created based on this video and our design tips. We’d love to hear from you.

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