How to Make a Silk Eye Pillow

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How to make a silk eye pillow for your after-yoga rest is so easy. They are a yoga-must have, and even if you don’t do yoga, they offer a delightful retreat from the pressures of modern life. They give eyes a rest –full spa treatment: An eye pillow offers complete darkness. It’s gentle weight on the eyes provide relaxing pressure.

If you make an eye pillow for yourself, you can use it to take a break, doze off or meditate by simply placing your yoga eye pillow over your eyes, and relax.


silk eye mask to diy

This mask is what they look like. If you prefer to simply ‘get it’ and not make your own, just click on the picture and get yours. All other readers, read on…

Silk yoga eye pillows
silk eye pillow

Silk eye pillows are really easy to make and are simply wonderful gifts (for yourself and others).  And what is nice is that this is one of those easy last-minute presents to make at stolen moments, just days before Mothers Day/Valentines Day/Birthday/Christmas.

Materials Needed to Make Eye Pillows

    Well, you don’t need much…:

  • a piece of scrap silk fabric measuring approximately 8" x 10" (20 x 25cm),
  • or two pieces half this size: 4 x 10
  • flax seed, buckwheat hulls, rice or other filler
  • aromatic, healing herbs, such as lavender
  • either a sewing machine or needle & thread
  • scissors and measuring tape.

Eye Pillow Fabric – choice

While you could choose any kind of fabric, personally, I find that 100% silk fabric is most desirable: it’s strong, it’s light, it’s soft, it’s sophisticated, it’s a treat! Alternatively, look for a soft satin fabric (usually cheaper). Perhaps the best is this Organic Bamboo Velour

How to Make an Eye Pillow

1. Place the ‘good’ sides of the silk fabric pieces onto each other and sew 2 sides to create a rectangular bag.

2. Turn the fabric the right side out and fill your bag with flax seed, buckwheat or similar, and add some lavender or other aromatic herbs/dried flowers if you wish.

Note: do not overfill. Test the weight of the filling onto your own eyes, while laying on your back, and while temporarily securing the opening of the bag so the content can not spoil.

silk eye pillowsilk eye pillow

3. When filled with just the right amount of filler, sew the remaining seam.

4. You could embellish one side of the eye pillow, but don’t go over board with this. Perhaps just choosing contrasting colors for the two pieces of fabric (top and bottom) is enough to create an interest.

Or, like shown here, add a simple tag with an empowering word on it. You can stamp the word ‘love’ or ‘peace’ or ‘relax’ on white canvas and sew it into the seam. That’s all ~ very simple.

Or you could make some embroidered or monogrammed eye pillows ~ those would be lovely to give and get also.

Make eye pillows into mini decorative pillows, but be sure to decorate them only one one side. Never embellish both sides of the pillow as your (or your gift recipient’s) eyes will prefer the feel of smooth soft silk without any stitches, bumps or beads on it.


Make or Buy?

Can’t be bothered, running out of time to do all these projects? No problem ~ click here to just buy a nice silk eye pillow, made with flaxseed and a lovely lavender scent. Made for you for 15-20 bucks.

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