Lovely DIY Wooden Garden Bench

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Spring is here and it’s time to sit outside again.  One of the things on our agenda this year was to create some more magical secret spaces in the garden.  So, I shopped around for a DIY wooden garden bench project that would look good plain as well as painted.

Howto – Lovely DIY Wooden Garden Bench

garden benchThis is the bench I choose.   What do you think? Like it?

To help make our own garden bench, I have a very detailed video ‘how-to’ tutorial here. Apparently, it can be done in a weekend, so we’ll see.

While this video shows you how to make the garden bench, it also features lots of neat tips on how to perform all sorts of woodworking tricks, e.g. how to cut dovetails.

The video also explains which tools you’ll need. If you are a beginning woodworker, perhaps it pays to befriend some neighbors with a full garage so you can borrow what you’ll need for this project.

Upcycle Recycled Wood

While this video uses all new pine, I prefer to use recycled materials. Besides ‘doing the right thing, upcycled wood with the patina of time will give this bench a more personal and comfortable feel.

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