How to Make a Loom & Woven Silk Scarf

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:: VIDEO tutorial for a DIY Loom & Woven Silk Scarf ::
I can never do just one thing…. Once I have the basics under control, my urges are to create ‘my own version’ and/or a more advanced or different version of whatever craft I have just research and experimented with an a more basic craft level.

silk designer scarf

So, here we go…. Now that you and I worked through the absolutely excellent felting tutorials by Laura Artates, explaining how to make a very nice scarf using the basic (and some intermediate (check out those silk elements …) felting techniques, I want some wild Fashion for Fall.

Let’s learn from fashion designer Barbara Shalleger from to think out of the box and create a woven silk scarf that is well, wild and wicked… ANNNDDD… REALLY EASY TO MAKE.

Actually, on my video here today, Barb first teaches us how to make a loom. She prefers a free-form version but also has tips for making a more traditional loom.

After that, she showcases how she designs a great fall fashion silk scarf – with a lot of fun and whimsy.

Here is the video on how to make a loom first, and then a scarf on it:

Note: no longer exists.

Did you make a silk or felted scarf of your own design? Send me your creation to showcase them.

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