How to Make a Cork Chandelier

Summer Crafts

It’s easy. This ‘How to Make a Cork Chandelier’-post shows you a fabulous way to re-use old wine corks in your garden or your home.

This is a super original, and 100% recycled design project that even years after the fact, this is still newsworthy and worthy of a blog post, all on its own.

How To Make A Cork Chandelier
Photo | tutorial: Mox and Fodder

Go to the kitchen and then to the garage. What’ you’ll need for this project is your growing pile of corks in that kitchen drawer (60+), plus kitchen twine and scissors.. And from the garage, you need to pick up that fan that you’re never using, plus 60+ little screw eye hooks, and a hammer. Joey used a pipe fastener wrapped with macrame rope to hang the chandelier, but I’m sure you can use a lot of other solutions that would work fine also.

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