How To Make a Christmas Tree Ornament

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Want to learn How To Make a Christmas Tree Ornament? I have a beautiful tree ornament video tutorial here, that’s a classic with a glamorous twist. It’s an attractive holiday project that everyone can do.

I find from doing some basics, but beautiful crafty Christmas tree ornaments, I develop the groove from which to springboard on doing my own individual creations that are more complex.

Below is a video of a Christmas ornament or wreath embellishment for your winter season wreath that is easy, fast and looks great.

What’s nice that you can instantly think of variations on this simple theme: go with gold, powder blue, glamor purple, and use bold ribbons instead of the painted holly.

Having said this, by sticking to natural materials, it’s easier to make the ornament look great, like it belongs in a Christmas tree and well.

If you want to make 20-40 compatible ornaments to deck out your entire tree, or to give away as presents for your clients, then, stick to a formula that works.

Happy crafting!

How to Make a Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament

And here is the end result …

how to make a Christmas tree ornament-

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