How to Make a Book Cover With Butterfly Rubber Stamps

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Today I’ve created a free paper crafts tutorial with butterfly rubber stamps. This is a craft that children could do, but one that seriously crafting adults would like as well.

Rubber stamps are incredibly versatile craft supplies, and it is a good idea to create a themed-collection of stamps as well as color-matching ink pads.

It’s actually easy to get addicted to rubber stamps (Ha ha), so contain yourself while you’re having fun.

Protect Special Books with Gorgeous Covers

There are certain books in the house, that need an extra cover to protect them from extensive use. Others need protective covers because they were just so pricey, and finally, there are the special books that you want to embellish because you love them so much. Think: cook books, dictionaries, reference books, art journals… Do not forget the covers for special project books: your scrapbooks, gardening logs, or wedding guest books and wedding photo albums.

Why not make your own pretty paper? Here is how to do it.

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Free Crafting Tutorial: How to make your own Book Cover with Rubber Stamps

  1. Before you begin playing, plan USAGE. Think about:
    * Where are the books going to be kept?
    * What Feng Shui colors need to be reinforced in this area?
    Your pretty book cover could help bring in that color. If you want to know what color needs to go where,
    look at this fabulous article by Astrid Lee, at the ‘We Are One World Healing’ blog.

    * Besides color, consider sunlight, moisture, etc. Perhaps your cover needs a clear plastic cover, in case it needs to withstand the occasional damp kitchen counter. Direct sunlight will fade most handmade covers, so inexpensive covers such as the one I’ll demo here is best. You get to make some new ones over the years.

    Now that you’ve considered some of the basic surround factors, open that craft supplies cabinet and look what kind of papers you have.

    I personally keep a few roles of wrapping paper in plain colors in there in addition to all kinds of pretty recycled wrapping paper. My good-old IKEA children drawing – construction paper is there. This roll costs next to nothing, but construction paper is very versatile for a wide range of crafts.

    To make the book cover displayed here, all I need besides my plain construction craft paper, is a butterfly foam stencil, two matching colored ink pads, and a few art markers in a complementary or contrasting colors. I’ve also brought out the strawberry pink glitter glue as I will use my book often in the evening and I love a little shimmer.

    butterfly stamp book cover

    butterfly stamp book cover

  3. Now you’re ready to play. Cut the paper with an inch and a half margin to fit the size of the book you want to cover. Remember to flip the book from the front to the back while you are measuring/cutting, so you are cutting a piece of paper for the entire book, not just the front of the book….
  4. Ink your rubber stamps evenly, or at least make equally ‘rough’ imprints from stamp to stamp. For large stamps and small ink pads, rub the pad against the stamp rather than the other way around. Of course, you can make your own custom rubber stamps. This is a lot of fun, and a great idea when you can’t find that perfect complement to a favorite stamp. Durable custom rubber stamps can be made easily from erasers.
  5. Put the stamps on the paper in random order. Make sure that some stamp imprints go over the edges of the paper for a more even and ‘pro’ look.
  6. Once the stamps are in place, and the paper is dried, I’ve created polka dot lines to suggest movement and whimsy.
    scrapbooking & stamping

    scrapbooking & stamping

  7. When the marker lines are dry, consider decorating some of the butterflies with some glitter glue, as I’ve done here. (not sure if the glittering shows on the butterfly in the photo on your computer but it’s definitely there in reality and looks really fun).

Tip for Successful Stamp Craft

I’ve used a contrasting and more faint ink for the bottom section of the paper. This allows me to add a title and other book info on the outside, if I wish at a later state, without ‘ruining’ my design.

Tip that Martha Stuwart as well as Astrid Lee, the Feng Shui consultant would be proud of:

Color coordinate your pretty book colors by their use, e.g. yellows are for cook books, blue is for reference materials, and pink is for favorite poetry books.

Happy Stamping!

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