How to Make a Book Bag

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It’s #ToteBagMonday. But, instead of a tote bag tutorial, today we’re featuring an tutorial on how to make a book bag. This book bag is green in every way. Besides 100% recycled, it’s vintage apple green!  Make this adorable summer handbag as a summer project for yourself or as a gift for a friend.



how to make a book bag tutorial

While this bag looks sophisticated, it’s very easy to make.



You Can Handle Making this Bag!

The hardest part is possibly finding a pair of handles, as not every town or village supplies these.

However, I even took the sting out of that task, as I found you a gorgeous bamboo set of handles (and a couple of other bag handles) that you can simply order online…


But first, the video tutorial: DO LOOK AT IT TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO MAKE THE BOOK BAG.



Bag Making Video tutorial



book bag tutorial


This is essentially all you’ll need to sew: two triangles of double fabric, four strips to go through your handles, plus the inside lining of your bag.

You probably have some scrap fabric that is large enough to handle this size project…

How to make a book bag - featured at finecraftguild.comHow to make a book bag - featured at
How to make a book bag - featured at


How to make a book bag - featured at

The fabric lining can be sewn for neatness, but can also just be glued onto the paper cover.  And that was the entire tutorial on How to make a book bag.



Book Bag Pattern Variations

I bet that after you’ve made one, you’ll make many more, all with a slightly varying pattern, probably. I personally want to add a silk top cover with a drawstring so as to be able to close the bag and my lipsticks won’t fall out when the bag lays on its side.

This is a great summer project to do for older girls, or moms. Made from big brother’s or dad’s old recycled books.  Or perhaps summer flee market finds….


Great Handmade Designer Hand Bag Handles

I promised that I’d find you some awesome handles to go with this bag. Here are 4 different styles, that all match this kind of bag… as well as other handmade designer bags.


handbag handles bamboo
Clover U Shape Bamboo Design Bag Handle
bag handles square

Designer Bag Handles Square 5-Inch By 3-Inch, Ebony

bag handles black

Clover U Shape Black Bag Handle

bag handles amber

Clover U Shape Amber Bag Handle

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