Learn how to make a bead necklace


Wonder how to make a bead necklace? On a beginners level, it’s so easy to do. Then, with a bit of experience under your belt, the options are endless! We have many tutorials on this blog for beaded necklaces, to you’re in good hands here.

Getting Started with Learning how to make a bead necklace

On the most basic, beginners level, all you need is beads, string plus scissors or a pocketknife. But then, the fun begins: options! You want to create a certain design or style, make your necklace go with an outfit, or making the piece of jewelry for someone special. Then, all of a sudden, there is more to the story. So, the tail I’ll tell you today keeps it on a fairly simple, beginners level, with a little bit of style.

Materials Needed

Materials needed vary obviously project by project. Let me stick to a general supplies list:

  • Beads
  • String, ribbon, … something to string the beads on. If you want a professional look, you may want to go for jewellery making wire (Shop at Amazon), and then you’ll also need crimp beads( Get these too at Amazon)
  • Scissors as a min, but it’s worth it to go for Jewelry making pliers if you are going to make more than just 1-2 necklaces..

*A note about the bead tray, like the one you see here. It’s seems that you could do without it, but I’m not marking it as optional. Unless you ever only want to make 1 necklace, well, then, fine. Do without it. But honestly, in all other case, get one. It’s the greatest and cheapest gadget you can get to design a really cool bead necklace that everyone will love the look of. It’s so handy to swap beads to get your order right, and to ensure you have enough beads, etc. So, that’s a must have.

Also, if you want to make a shorter necklace that won’t go over your head, then you’ll need to get a way of closing your necklace. Endless options. You could use anything from a loop and a bead, to the fanciest gold-plated clasp. Once you start working with hardware, or ‘findings’ as it’s called, then you’ll want to get a couple of jewellery making tools as well.

** And a note about the bead stoppers: these allow you to have a look at how your necklace would come out while you are still designing it. Again, indispensable if you are getting going with bead making jewelry.

how to make a bead necklace

This is a really pleasant jewelry-making tutorial, that features a lot of the necklace-making basics. It also has a lot of beaded necklaces ideas. Once you’ve worked through this video, I’m sure you’re ready for our other beaded necklaces ideas, and other DIY jewelry ideas, we are featuring here at FineCraftGuild. to make pretty jewellery.

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