How to Knit Smooth Edges – Selvage Edge Stitch Knitting Tutorial

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We’re going to learn how to improve our knitting and crochet together with lots of new free tutorials on FineCraftGuild. Let’s begin with learning how to knit smooth edges.

How to Knit Smooth Edges – Selvage Edge Stitch Knitting Tutorial

Turns out it’s so easy that you wonder what took me so long to figure this one out!?! You often, but really not always, see this edge stitch in knitting patterns.

How to Knit Smooth Edges

This will give you a lovely V on both sides of your work that will lay against the backside of your work. It also keeps your edges from curling somewhat so it’s both handy and pretty.

Knitting Instructions

  1. On the right side of your work, slip the first and the last stitch of your row, knit-wise. You don’t knit these two stitches.

2. On the back side of your work, you purl your first and last stitch.

And that is all there is to it to create a very professional finish to your knit work. Yes, really!

Pass on the Knowledge

So, if someone ever asks how do you knit neat edges in garter stitch, you can share this bit of wisdom, or send them to my site to learn better knitting, as this will be one of many knitting techniques and crochet tips I’m planning to feature on FineCraftGuild this year.

There are other type of edge finishes but this is the neatest and easiest one, so I started with this. Frankly, I think I’ll be sticking with this new method for a while here. So from now on, I’ll feature this in my knitting patterns. If you have an older pattern of mine, simply adjust the pattern for your first and last stitch as per this method I am sharing here.

So, that was Day 1 of 2021. We’re already slightly better than we were yesterday. :-)

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