Step-by-Step How to Grow Hydrangeas

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Hope you liked coming for a stroll with me through hydrangeas-heaven in Capranica, and see my glorious photos of this exquisite streetscape. Here are a few more pictures of these romantic flowers. Be sure to click the images to see larger versions.



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More photos of gorgeous hydrangeas.

How to Root Hydrangeas Clippings

Are you ready to make your own hydrangea-heaven? Well, let’s start with just a few plants. Hydrangeas are easier to grow than you think, from merely rooting a few clippings.

Here is the how-to:

Step 1: From a healthy hydrangea plant: clip a 6” branch that did not flower this year.

Step 2: Remove all larger foliage from the bottom of the branch, and clip the largest leaves on top in half.

Step 3: Stick branch is coarse sand in a pot, and add water.

Step 4: Cover with plastic to create mini-greenhouse (optional but useful).

Where to find clippings? Everywhere!


I even found some hydrangeas overhanging the beach at Trevignano Romano, on Bracciano Lake, Italy. What a beautiful spot.


Learn how to Grow Your Own Hydrangeas (or other plants, from clippings). So easy!!!!

Or buy some: Hydrangea plants for sale

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