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The story of how I ended up with and then decided on how to finish an old school desk | Friday I had to go to the doctors to do my favorite test: the mammogram (who loves this, honestly!) and I treated myself a round along all the charity shops and vintage furniture shops on the way bag home. Needless to say, I had a great time and soon forgot the reason for my escapades.

I saw lots of great things but bought just a few. The most wonderful vintage furniture store find is this: an old School Desk!!  I bought it on the spot! It was only minutes after I ‘d asked the antique dealer kind of desks  he had (I need a computer desk that’s just the right size and style), when this guy stopped his car and brought out this old school desk, and put it on the pavement.  The dealer paid 20 for it; and I paid 25. Took it home. A matter of minutes. It is perfect.

How to Finish an Old School Desk -

As you can tell it has a nice shape to it. It’s nice and wide, but not too wide so that it fits perfectly  in our living room between the kitchen door and the French doors that lead to the garden. And because it is not too deep, it does not cut in too much into our dining area space. Best of all: I have 2 drawers to hide my mess at dinner time! Whohoo!

Look: someone used it as a summer party bar:

How to Finish an Old School Desk - FineCraftGuild.comHow to Finish an Old School Desk -

See those lovely vintage ink pot holders? Cute! And the nice black metal table top lifts. Beautiful.

How to finish an Old School Desk?

I immediately started sanding it down and cleaning it up. But then I thought: ‘ Wait a minute! My online friends know better than I what to do with this old beauty. Why not ask them?1” And so here I am talking to you all today.  Please leave me a comment (or email me) with your creative ideas.

In a follow-up post, I will share your collective ideas. And in a third post, I’ll share what I will have actually done to it.

I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

First published in March 9, 2015. Updated 2024.

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