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Hi all. Welcome to yet another class in our free online beginners quilting course. It will be class 12.  Today we will finish our lap quilt, and I am going to show you a couple of quilting techniques to do so in a most beautiful way.  All pretty easy, so no worries; Your quilt will be finished in no time.

If you have landed at this webpage and it’s the first time you are here at the Fine Craft Guild, then don’t hesitate and go start at the beginning of this free online quilting course. Today, we will get to the end of our third project. We started learning about fussy cutting, a fun quilting technique to make something quilt. That was our warm-up. Then we learned some quilting basics, like quilting tools you need. Then, we made our first quilt which looked like a gorgeous kaleidoscope quilt thanks to some handy quilting tricks that I’ve shown you. Very easy in fact and fabulous. And now, we already finishing our third project: a lap quilt. Join the band wagon and learn how to make a lap quilt.  And quilt along with us!!  Our quilting classes are every Thursday.


Online Quilting Workshops with Tips for Beginners  – Class #12

Finishing up our Lap Quilt, which I dubbed ‘the Pixel quilt’

I dubbed this quilt ‘the pixel quilt’ perhaps that’s because my inspiration for the design came from looking at very pixelated images. Fun, nah?!

OK. Let’s begin. In today’s class I  will show you how to bind a quilt. And while we are doing that, I will teach you how to make mitered corners that look lovely and oh, so professional!! Ready??!

How to Bind a Lap Quilthowto_finish_quilt_edging

Doing the Binding and making lovely mitered corners:

Binding can be used to finish the edges of your quilt. It frames the design and adds durability. The binding can be double or single folded, straight or bias-cut.

Once you are happy with how ever much quilting you have done onto your quilt top, it’s time for the binding. This quilt is a beginner quilt, so we will make our back fabric fold over onto the front as a binding.

Our batting in the middle is cut to the same size as our quilt top and the back fabric will protrude out about 1,5″ (3cm). Like so:

Mitering Quilt Corners

We then fold our backing fabric in half and then over again a second time and pin it onto the front of the quilt.

how to finish a lap quilt :: free quilting workshops :: janeen van niekerk ::

Once you get to a corner, you fold the fabric once diagonally and then do the same fold in half and half again over the top.


how to miter quilt corners

Now, the corners will be mitered. Pin down.

how to pin mitered quilt corners :: free online quilting workshops

Go all around the edge of your quilt, folding over and pinning.

When done, sew your edge down and there you have your completed quilt.

If you have followed our instructions for making this interesting and modern pixel quilt – then:

Well Done You!

You have created a GORGEOUS QUILT!

how to pin mitered quilt corners :: free online quilting workshops

‘Til next time,


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