How to Draw a Simple Rose ~ Flowers for Mothers Day

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Tutorial on how to draw a rose.

If there is one day of the year that mothers like to get flowers, it’s on Mothers Day. Rose in particular. It’s easy & fun to be creative with this general notion of flowers though. ….

You could make a her a pillow with rose embroidery or other flower embellishments, start some daffodils into a handmade basket for her ahead of time, create a handmade mothers day greeting card with flowers, and of course, there is the classic bouquet of real flowers that will always delight.

To help you on your creative way, I thought to show you today, how to draw a rose. (And, you’ll never need a rose template ever again.)

Use your flower drawing to embellish some tea towels, decorate a basket, or hand-paint a vase with roses, just for her. It’s very simple to treat your mom this way.

how to draw a simple rose

How to Draw a Rose, or better said, how to draw a Simple Rose

Step by step diagram

Step 1: Draw a little circle anywhere on your paper.

how to draw a simple rose

Step 2: Draw a coil around the circle, going a few times around and then close the coil.

how to draw a rose

Step 3: Draw smaller, overlapping, loosely drawn semi-circles that go just 1/3 around your coil. Do 5 of these, and vary them a bit.  And there you have your rose.

how to draw a simple rose


How to Draw Many Roses

To get different looking roses, make the coil tighter for the first two circles and then make it big just before you close it. This will give the effect of looking more at the side of the rose.

You can also vary the shapes of the outer leaves.  Ensure that the ones on the front are a bit bigger shapes than those at the back, and it will look right. Vary things. Make more leaves, make fewer leaves.

You can also fill your entire sketch with roses. Draw 5 roses in a good composition on your page. Then draw roses in between those 5 till your whole page is full. Make it look like those in-between roses are behind the first 5 roses. So when their outer leaves are larger than your available drawing space, let those leaves disappear behind your first 5 roses.

Anyhow, experiment. Sketch away and before long, you will know how to draw a simple rose. Have fun.

Even just this simple white line drawing on a bright piece of paper is enough to say to mom ‘I love you’. 

Want to give mom a present instead of a pencil drawing? OK.  If you glue your rose drawing onto a piece of cardboard, you have an instant coffee cup coaster.  Or stencil your design onto a pillow case, or draw it on a little gift box, on a Mothers Day Greeting card ~ it’s up to you.

Using the Rose as a Stencil

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