How to Draw a Leprechaun

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How to Draw a Leprechaun : Kids Crafts!

Finished the Leprechaun marionette craft project yet? Good. Here I have another St Patrick’s Day craft for you: learn how to draw a leprechaun! Fun, nah?? If you draw it big enough, you can make your own leprechaun mask with this free drawing tutorial.

Ready?!! Ok. let’s go.

I am showing you a ‘rough and ready’ Leprechaun that you can draw in 10 simple steps.  Then, you can add whimsy and details. Make it as neat or as fancy as you wish.

However, I just wanted to show, that even with the most basic drawing skills (read: kindergarten, preschool or primary school-level), you can draw a really cute looking Leprechaun as a festive party decoration. Really easy.

Here are your:
free downloadable Leprechaun template = your free St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun drawing tutorial.

Just follow the numbers in the tutorial. You’ll begin your drawing like this…. 

how to draw leprechaun

Adjust the difficulty of the drawing exercise towards age appropriate dexterity and drawing skill level.  For 6th graders, they can take the basic concept to the max.  After you make your basic drawing in pencil, start coloring and keep on coloring (and erasing), and so shaping your drawing, till you’ll get something like this:


Like it?  Kind of  cute, nah?!!   Yes, you can do it too. OK. Your turn. Try it. Download the free tutorial and start drawing. It’s fun.

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