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Creating Halloween Curb Appeal is not as daunting as one might think. There are several tricks to creating fabulous Halloween curb appeal that will delight you every time you get home as well as all passersby.

Here’s the Halloween Home Decorating How-to ..

How to Create Halloween Curb Appeal

Step 1: Remove all prior seasonal items. That include most, if not all, of your summer gear, as well as your summer (and/or) Back-to-School decorations.

Step 2: If you have potted flowers, move your Fall bloomers a bit forward and your summer plants behind them. If you have no fall flowers just yet, invest in getting some. 

Tip A: Did you know that chrysanthemum clippings can grow roots? Take a small pair of scissors next time you go for a neighborhood walk, and ask friendly neighbors for a clipping or two, to grow your own chrysanthemums, free. First put your clipping in a vase with water till they grow roots, then plant them in the earth, in a pot. If you have the space for it, pick a good sized pot, as chrysanthemums can become quite large plants, when maintained well over winter & summer.

Tip B: Another beautiful, blooming Fall plant, cyclamens, also grows back after it seemingly dies in Winter.  Don’t throw those ‘dead’ plants away, but just store them till it’s their season again.  They like frost-free or protected outdoor spots, and can also be grown inside in a cool-ish room.

Step 3: Now is a good time, to give your porch a good clean, as it will be a bit harder to keep it clean and tidy when it’s full of Fall display items. Clean up the mess around your front door outside… and inside ;0)

Step 4: Stick to a limited color scheme, and repeat these colors throughout your display.  Look through your stash of Halloween decorations you already have.  Walk through your house and yard to see what you could use. Do both before you hit the dollar store, Michaels, or shop online with me here. Best to not spend too much on this sort of thing…, but recycle/reuse/upcycle instead! That’s my motto!

halloween decorations porch

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Step 5: Design with a Story, or at least: Give your display a Theme. Here (above photo) is a decorated porch with the promise of a spooky Halloween story. If you have a larger porch, or better still, a larger gardern, you can make ghost scenes (using this fabulous chicken wire ghost -tutorial).
Another popular Halloween decorating story is about witches. Choose a witch display, and work out the details as is done in the example below).

Step 6: Be consistent with décor detailing. In other words, use little apples everywhere, or use bows throughout, or skeletons throughout…Etc.

halloween_treeStep  7: Allow the eye to wander taking it all in, but create one main focal point. Note how the tree in the example here definitely steals the limelight.

Step 8: Put it all together, and take a few steps back to edit. Better still, try taking a couple of photos. It always amazes how photo taking helps me to ‘frame scenes’ and to create a better visual balance between all the objects on display.  Usually grouping things works best, but be sure that the visual energy does not tumble in one direction.

Putting it all together: How is this going to work for you

I have used the Halloween curb appeal work by Rita of Pink Polkadot Creations as an example. In the image above, you can see how all the various elements of her Halloween witch-themed porch display fit together.

Now it’s your turn.   Enjoy applying the Halloween Porch decorating rules to your own front door / porch area. Send in some photos, or link them up at our weekly linky party.

Photo credit (+more photos): Pink Polkadot Creations.


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