How to Make a Fathers Day Vignette for Golf-loving Dads

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This article is written by guest writer Tammy Henderson. She’s a regular contributor to FineCraftGuild. We’ll feature a new post by Tammy every Monday morning with how to update your home by creating a seasonal vignette, ideally made with pre-owned and recycled goodies.

When Tammy suggested to teach us how to create a Fathers Day vignette, I was happy. When she told me she chose the theme of ‘golf dad’ as her hubby is passionate about that sport, well, I was very happy.  Now we not only have a free golf dad downloadable card, golf dad gift tags, golf dad bookmarks, and golf dad gift ideas, we now also have a golf dad home decorating how-to.

So for all the families with golf-dads: pay attention. Tammy will show you how to make this easy vignette which will look great on his desk. Yes, this is a home décor  vignette that you can put together with the kids or that older kids could make on their own.

How to Create a Fathers Day Vignette for a Golf Loving Dad

Dads Vignette Rose

Since Golf is the sport of choice for my daughter’s Step Dad,  I thought I would create a golf centerpiece in his honor.  To create this vignette I re-used a hurricane lampshade wrapped with jute at the base and two slant top glass vases. 

The 1,2,3 How-to Instruction on How to Put this Vignette Together

  1. In the hurricane lamp shade the bottom was filled with some faux grass and a picture of my daughter.
  2. In the slanted vases one is filled with some faux grass and tees and the other was filled with faux grass and golf balls.
  3. This was all done in a galvanized tray filled Styrofoam and covered with green moss.

How to Make Word Vignettes with Golf balls and Rub-on Letters

Fathers Day Vignette dad golfballs

To create the DAD golf balls rub-on letter were used. 


Step 1.

Cut out the letters D-a-D from your rub-on letters.

Fathersday vignette rub on letters

Step 2.

Place the rub on golf ball where you want it with a pop cycle stick gentle rub the letter  until you can see it is adhering to the golf ball  gently pull of the liner and your done.


How to Create a Tee-off at your  mini-Golf Course Vignette

Take one of  your piece of faux grass placing the tee in the center of the grass and push your golf tee through enough to be able to push your tee with faux grass through the moss down to the Styrofoam.

Place your golf balls on tees, as is shown above, with the letters D – A – D facing forward.

Golf-inspired Fathers Day Vignette

Where to Place a Fathers Day Vignette

Although this Father’s Day Golf vignette sits next to his desk as a vignette, this display tray could also be a great centerpiece for a tablescape on Fathers Day, all day or during lunch, dinner or afternoon tea…

Fathers Day Vignette

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About Tammy Henderson

Tammy used to write on her own blog, One More Time Events, which entirely dedicated to home decorating and her design view, which is homey and budget-conscious, and creative in a sort of elegant manner.

She enjoys the challenge of reinventing her décor. She’s great at figuring out how to make something out of ‘nothing’.  Her urge to recycle |reuse | revamp | redecorate | remodel, creatively and beautifully, is natural. And that shows.

Tammy creates beautiful results. When you walk through her house and her garden, as displayed in her blog, you see a tastefully decorated place that has personality and a sense of home.

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