How to Build a Self-Retaining Garden Wall

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This is just what we’ll need. Jazzy video shows us in lightning speed how to build a garden wall. It looks so fabulous, and so simple to produce that I want to share it with you all today. 


This simple retaining wall is useful for a garden, but also as a raised, or if you live in the mountains, a tiered vegetable garden.  Or you can raise your overall gardens around the house.



The materials used are free: i.e.  broken concrete pieces and your own manual labor.

If you can work as fast as Melanie, your free retainer wall will be made in no time.






Did you pick up that you’ll end up having lovely moss in between the stones.  I’d like to cover my edges with a tiny flower ground cover, planted at strategic location along/over the wall.garden_wall3

Click here to see the ‘how to’ – video on how to make your own free self-retaining garden wall.  If you are into gardening, the lightheartedness of this video will make you smile as you can relate to the gardener and the happy tunes.


Utterly simple.


Designer: Melanie, who by the looks of things has a horse farm in New Zealand, but who no longer has a youtube video for us to watch.

Via Own Home Style.

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