How to Adjust the Straps on Wooden Watches


This totally amazing wooden watch was just delivered.

how to adjust wooden watches straps



I have to confess: I am kinda jealous. You see, when I was approached by JORD to review their wooden watches for them, I as I felt it would be best for Michael to receive have the watch afterwards, as he has nice olive skin and masculine wrists. A better contrast with the watch than my white, slender, feminine wrists.

how to adjust wooden watches straps
See what I mean? That watch looks like it belongs there.


Causes for my inner-conflict:

1. This watch is beautiful, don’t you think? Michael and I both like the simplicity and uncluttered design of this model and the contrast of the little bits of metal with the wood. This is called ‘green wood’ and it is perfect for Asian skin/ masculine arms.  But actually, it looks quite nice on me too…
how to adjust wooden watches straps

2. With the luxurious gift wrap, after a lightning fast  first-class delivery from across the globe,  it turns out to be the perfect gift for men. Michael opened the box and out comes this beautiful gift box. On a soft silk bed, sits this wooden watch. If only all mailed gifts would arrive this way. Wow.

3. This wooden watch is really lightweight. And I love lightweight jewelry, particularly light-weight statement jewelry. This wooden watch totally fits the bill.

4. Unconventional, back to nature, stylish and high quality. That would sum up this watch. And this is even the ‘everyday’ model. Take a look at their high end arm candy.

So, lot’s of reasons to be a little jealous. However, given how happy Michael is with the watch, I’m happy too.  It feels like I have just given an amazing birthday gift to Michael, but I did not have to pay anything for it. Just review it here. And I like it.


More Wooden Watches, Models & Styles

Michael’s model is just one of the many wooden watch models offered by JORD. Besides the natural green wood, there is black wood, maple wood and a couple of other wood options. Wooden watches in the model that Michael choose will set you back about $120. Given the watch’s uniqueness and quality, I consider that fairly good value for money.

So there you go. Want one?


Wooden Watch Styles, for men & women

Other watch styles available, and frequents sales, such as a Fathersday 15% off promotion, ao

(btw I can ask the folks of … for a watch to give away… Like that idea? Leave me a comment…)



Btw, if you are interested in buying a wooden watch, consider a limited edition watch. JORD has partnered with the Pujols Family Foundation to help those living with Down syndrome and to improve the lives of the impoverished in the Dominican Republic. 20% of all sales of this limited edition watch will be contributed to the Pujols Family Foundation! That is a lot!





Now, before I let you go, I thought to share with you a bit of a how-to tutorial, as that is what this blog is all about, after all.

How to Adjust the Strap of a Jord Wooden Watch

how to adjust wooden watches straps


Step 1: see those black dots on the sides of the last 3 links in the chain, on either side of the back clasp?

Those are little metal screws. Kind of the size you have in your sun glasses. Well, a tat smaller. Now, while manufacturers instructions will probably tell you that you should have the strap adjusted by a competent jeweler, you can actually do this totally yourself. Provided that you treat this with care, as a delicate item of course.

Step 2: Measure the size of your wrist and deduct how many links you should remove from the wooden watch strap. Then, with a tiny computer screwdriver or a jeweler’s screwdriver, undo the screws on both sides of a link, or of several links as is needed.

Step 3: Carefully take out the screws and let go of a link in the chain. Note: Ideally you have 2 screwdrivers, one to hold the screw on one side steady while you unscrew the screw on the other side. You’ll find that there is a long and a short screw. A paperclip is handy to push out the long screw, albeit that neither the paperclip nor the 2nd screwdriver are necessary.It’s just faster with it.

Re-assemble without the link. Be careful and gentle as you put things back in place. Done. Work on a clean, soft surface if possible.


how to adjust straps on wooden watches


So. Now you can have a watch that fits also.


Disclaimer/Clarifier: I am not paid for this review, but I did receive this watch.  This is my honest opinion of the watch.

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