House Slippers Knitting Pattern with Pompoms

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POMPOM ALERT! I decided this morning that my house slippers would benefit from some extra pizazz, so I added some pompoms a la Dolce Gabbana. I went for a color splash with canary yellow.

House Slippers Knitting Pattern with Pompoms

Like them?

OK. I did have some fun with making the image as well. If we can’t fly to the Canary Islands, we can at least imagine to be there, right?@

These were already my favorite design for house slippers aka garden slippers aka bed socks …. as they make your feet look smaller and daintier.

And, now that I closed the top section of mine just 1/3 of an inch more, they stay on nicely.

House Slippers Knitting Pattern with Pompoms — A lovely Pattern for you.

How to make the ever so slightly cabled house slippers knitting pattern is here:

These are a fast beginners project. Very easy to make and fun to wear. PROMISE! I’ve added how to make pompoms to the pattern.

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