DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile for your Kids’ Bedroom

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Kids Bedroom Hot Air Balloon Mobile:

Create a beautiful Hot Air Balloon Mobile, or single air balloon, with this simple sewing pattern. It seems like new babies bring out our craftiness, doesn’t it? Mesmerize your (friend’s/sister’s) baby for hours on end with these floating* hot air balloons. (* In reality, the top of the balloons are attached to a painted embroidery hoop). So clever!)

The mobile is not really only for kids bedroom. I can see myself hanging one of these in the sunroom, or the kitchen, which happens to be the ‘Travel’ corner in my home’s Feng Shui bagua. A hot air balloon is such a magnificent symbol of freedom and fun.

Still want to drift off a bit more even though you had a lovely vacation this summer? Then, how about creating a darling mobile for the kids bedroom and dream of where you’d be flying the next time you’ll have the chance….

Free nursery hot air balloon mobile tutorial


Made from Assorted Colors Felt, embroidery floss, an embroidery hoop, polyester fiberfill, and slices of cork (recycled).

Let the wind blow…

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The tutorial for this Hot-air Balloon Mobile is here: Free Mobile – Making Instructions


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Important General Baby Safety Rules

Please keep any kind of mobiles with threads, including this one, away from the baby. Hang the mobile within sight of your baby but outside of baby’s reach! Also, do not hang directly above the baby’s crib.

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