Home-made Relax Tea Recipe


Home-made relax tea: Delicious, Healthy, Inexpensive, Good for the environment. Avoid all that packaging, be proud of what you’ve created in the world, and RELAX!!!!

When my girl was a little girl, she made this lovely jar for me as a homemade mothers day present. It was filled with little heart candies back in the day. I still have it in my kitchen for old time’ s sake. But, I have since I filled it with my homemade relax tea recipe.

mothers day relax tea

How my Homemade Relax Tea Recipe Came About

Many moons ago, when I lived in a little village in Italy, nice things like Yogi tea, were nearly impossible to find. One had to go to Rome for that. However, my village did have a herbalist! So, together, we first ‘reverse-engineered’ the Yogi Bedtime herbal tea and then made adjustments to create my own concoction. For example, we left out the Valerian root, as that both tastes bad, is really strong and not something I want to (nor you should) use every night if not needed. I’m expecting that Yogi Tea includes only tiny amounts of Valerian root anyway.

Of course, the Yogi Tea folks don’t tell you about the relative proportions of the various herbs, so we’ve experimented till we found the perfect blend.

Rose’s Relax Tea Recipe

Relax Tea Recipe
photo credit: Maggie Molloy
  • Fennel seed
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Peppermint
  • Cardamom
  • Lemon balm herb (Melissa)
  • Lemon rind
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Nutmeg

Get a generous scoop of all, except of the cardamom, nutmeg and sage as they are strong. Make 100 grams in total. Mix all the ingredients together and keep in a dark, dry place, such as you hand-made Love Jar (Recycling Craft for Kids for Mothers Day )

Tip: Write out the relative proportions of things you are including so that you can adjust your formula over time to become perfect for you/mom.

mothers day relax tea


To brew tea, use one heaped teaspoon per two cups of tea. Steep covered for 15 minutes before drinking.

If you want, you can use these fillable tea bags: T-Sac Disposable Paper Filter Tea Bags, Size 1, 100 Count/. They come in packs of 100 or 1000, and in all kind of sizes: 1 cup, 2 cup, etc. Best of all: they are biodegradable. Oh, and last but not least: if you don’t want to give your tea in a jar, you can pre-fill half a dozen sachets, label and pack these as a handmade, personalised gift.

I made a few batches to give away to local moms. All happy.

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