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Homemade Baby gifts. Make them For baby showers, birthdays or Christmas. If there’s one baby toy that is loved by both baby boys, baby girls and all their moms alike, it’s towers of soft blocks. So, today I have a tutorial for you for nested cubes, which when taken apart and stacked make this cute baby block tower. Great developers of baby’s motoric skills as well as fun entertaining toys, these building blocks make a great homemade baby gift.

Best Baby Gifts :: Nesting Cubes

Here is a free pattern (pdf tutorial) on how to make the most adorable set of nesting cubes, that is an educational baby toy and that would make an ideal baby shower gift.
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Soft blocks with big bold patterns have to be every new mom’s delight as blocks are a top educational toy.

We absolutely adore those set of nesting cubes. Apparently the fabrics were the ones babies actually preferred. While I think they are pretty, something educational is missing in this version, and I’d like them to be taken a few steps further.

Your Free Pdf: https://finecraftguild.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/NestingCubesFreePattern.pdf

Further Baby Toys :: Nesting Cubes Design Ideas

What to do instead, with the baby in mind:

1. Choose bright colors, bold patterns and high contrasting images.

Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings Developmental Toy

2. Use them to educate your child and teach pattern recognition. For example, make different animal appliques on each sides in strongly contrasting colors. Of Use the numbers 0-9 as applique. Of, you can make an alphabet version.

3. Personally, I’d make them into little houses. As the child grows, dolls or cars will appear into his /her life, and what better than to have a full street of houses ready to set the stage?

4. Safety first. Your baby will for sure chew on the flaps that are extended to each block to enable them to be lifted out of the next ones. Make sure that these flaps are securely attached and are chew-proof.

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Rhinoceros Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern
Rhinoceros. Stuffed Toy Pattern — has no glass eyes and is only made out of fabric and yarn, for baby safety reason.

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