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We usually envision Spring when we think of decorating with flowers and plants.  However, winter flowers and greens are at least as abundant and none less enchanting.  Here are three favorite examples for you on how to decorate with flowers and nature in winter.

Red Roses with Hydrangea in Bark Vase

photo credit: bhg.com

Just how dreamy is this: red roses, white hydrangea, hypericum berries, pine u branches in a mini-forestry setting of moss and tree bark around the vase.  Chances are you just have to buy the roses and perhaps the fresh hydrangea and can find the rest in your garden. 

Tip: pair faux flowers with real flowers for unusual arrangements, particularly if your faux flowers are not really in season. For example, I have a hydrangea bloom which brightens up many of my floral arrangements throughout the year, or offers a ‘dot’ of happy whiteness on a handmade wreath.

Regal Paperwhites, Orchids & Mandarines

photo credit: marthastewart.com

On one hand this classic bouquet of flowers in this gold and power blue vase remind me of a timeless still life.   The sort of theme for a painting.

On the other hand, this timeless piece with fragrant flowers will smell so glorious that I want it in our living room today.

Paperwhites are a favorite of mine, and rather than growing them, country cottage-style, in terra cotta pots with some moss covering the earth (also nice, but done so many times before), this arrangements is something really new and fresh and the perfect replacement of all that Christmas decoration.

Dazzling Topiary Row
muehlenbeckia topiaries

photo credit: realsimple.com

This row of fuzzy topiaries transports you into a magical, misty forest. However, without leaving your own home. Yes, you may place a fairy in there. Be sure to pair it with white home décor accessories.

What’s nice about these topiaries is that they do not require direct sunlight. So any place in your home will be fine. The plants used here are called Muehlenbeckia. They can easily be substituted for less pricey ivy or myrtle plants.

Winter Home Decorating Ideas

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