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I haven’t written much lately about wall stenciling, wall stickers, painting on the wall, or any wall art for that matter. So it’s time for bringing some wonderful ideas to you on how you can manifest your darling personality on your wall.

How about this??

Wallpaper: Wall Painting Designs

An easy idea for a wall mural or family gallery.

I just came across Land of Nod’s Great creative wall paper frames.  If your kids are of that age that they want to draw on the wall, at least it will look tidy & like those drawings belongs there. Because they do.


I can imagine adding personal photos, mini drawings, poems, birthday notes, jewel stickers and ‘what not’ to this already great wall paper art.

This wall paper is made purposefully for your little ones to write & draw on by the folks at Land of Nod. There are hundreds and hundreds of little frames in a ‘56 square foot double roll’, which will set you back only $40.

‘Double’ refers to it being one oversized roll. Each roll is 11 yards by 20.5. This special wall art paper is made with fade resistant, durable 150 gsm paper. FSC certified. mixed paper construction. Gravure printed with a water based ink.

The Land of Nod Mythic Paint

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The Other Walls of Your Kids Bedroom

We suggest you use non-toxic paint with zero VOCsfor the other walls of your child’s bedroom.

I particularly like this Mythic non-toxic paint. What’s so special about this paint? Well, quite a bit. For one, it is non-toxic with zero VOCs. And two, the paint series comes in 1200 colors, (hence in tons of beautiful colors) that are bound to match all your beloved child bedroom furniture.

Pure Primer

To match this wonderfully safe paint, prep your child’s bedroom walls with Mythic non-toxic primer.

Start with premium quality. This 100% acrylic primer is formulated for outstanding coverage, adhesion, mold and mildew resistance, blister resistance and stain blocking over a variety of surfaces. And like each of their Mythic Paint colors, this primer is 100% non-toxic with almost zero odor. Safety First – Non-toxic – Zero VOCs – Zero toxins and zero carcinogens – No solvents.

All good:

  • – Safe for people, safe for pets, safe for the Earth
  • – Meet and exceed independent green certifications
  • – Excellent flow and leveling
  • – Check out our entire Mythic Paint collection
  • – Drywall Primer is ideal for sealing new drywall
  • – White.

Kids Wall Decals – Girls


Go green with our new removable tree wall decal. Each kit contains tree parts for one 65h tree or two 45h trees.

  • – Just peel and stick on any smooth, non-textured surface
  • – Freshly painted or cleaned walls should be completely dry before applying
  • – Reusable
  • – Includes 28 leaves, two birds, two butterflies and four flowers
  • – Not for use near crib



Kids Wall Decals & Wallpaper: Kids Tree Reusable Wall Decal Stick Ons – Tree Stick on

Kids Wall Decals – Boys


Boys (and girls), start your engines. It’s racing time.  These kids Race Car & Race Track Wall Decal Stick Ons ($40) are fabulously creative. They’re removable and come off in an instant if you want a change of scenery in that child bedroom, later.  But first, put them on! This removable, vinyl racers and race track set is the fastest way to add character to a wall, window, tabletop or floor.

  • – Just peel and stick on any smooth, non-textured surface
  • – Freshly painted or cleaned walls should be completely dry before applying
  • – Self-adhesive construction, matte finish
  • – Includes 26 track decals 8 pieces of 12 x 5 straight track, 6 pieces of 12 x 5 curved track and 12 pieces of 5 x 5 track and 10 race cars 2 white, 2 black, 2 blue, 2 green and 2 red
  • – Not for use near crib
  • – Instructions and application tips included


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