Easy Holiday Window Decorating Ideas … for ‘Overlooked’ Rooms

Christmas Crafts, Knitting Patterns

Easy Holiday Window Decorating Ideas … for ‘Overlooked’ Rooms — tip #5 of Christmas Decoration Mistake to Avoid.

reuseable wall stickers

Particularly children rooms, guests’ quarters or bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to holiday decoration.

Holiday Decorating Tip 8: I’m referring back to tip #1: go over each room and throughout the house. As these usually are smaller spaces, opt for decorations that fit.

Decoration That Take No Space: Wall or Window Decals.

For a child’s room, usually the first thing to do is a tidy up. After that, consider grouping an advent calendar with some of their holiday crafts.  Tie it together with ribbons, a mini- Christmas tree or …. some removable holiday silver snowflake stickers.


reusablewall_stickersI love how these elegant snowflakes are reusable wall decorations that can be grouped as a Christmas tree, placed as a series of glittery banners over a window or closet, (images left & bottom right) or nicely patterned over a plain shower curtain (image top right).

Elegant, versatile, easy to use, inexpensive, takes no space …. 10/10.

After attending to guest bathroom basics such as clean towels, soaps and toiletries, decide on little decorative holiday accents to make who live there feel extra special.  All you may need to add is a twig of green in soap basket and a holiday-wrapped chocolate on the pillow. Or add a few of these lovely snowflakes to the bedroom window.

Christmas Holiday Time Reusable Wall Decoration
Glitter Golden Snowflake Stickers


…. Tip 6. Don’t Be a Perfectionist.

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