What to Wear for the Holidays?

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I have a gorgeous San Francisco designer dress that I could have worn for the holidays, but I’m not. Yes it is really nice: black taft, covered in black sequins. It has a cute tulip skirt and a ballerina bodice. It’s lovely. It’s so lovely in fact, that I’ve worn it for 9 years in a row!!! Well, many of these 9 years…. Perhaps not all years … However, you get the drift: it’s time for a new dress. So, I just gave my beloved little black dress away to avoid temptations and this year, I will wear something else. Yes, something new, and something nice.

Make Your Own Holiday Dress???!!

DIY was the official plan, however….. I reviewed a list of 52 free dress patterns and spent hours and hours last night to look through the various patterns to find anything good to sew for myself for the holidays.

At 9.30 pm I gave up! (It was all ‘crap’: outdated or summer wear). I clicked on my Saks Fifth Avenue link instead to bring me in a good mood and for inspiration, as let’s face it, some of world’s best designers live there… So, that next hour I spent time with dresses that I DO like, albeit that at an average price of $800-1200, they are a tat above my planned spending for a dress.

Therefore, I followed up my Saks 5th Ave visit with one to Amazon, and found some dresses that look amazingly similar at 1/2 to 1/4 of the cost. Have a look:



1. I look for something “warmer” in color, and I came across this dress that for sure will make me look and feel like a princess this holiday season.

sherry hill short dress

This silk chiffon lightly beaded dress is beautifully cinched at the waist in gleaming liquid beading.

2. Then, for New Year, I spotted the super attractive shimmering Sherri Hill dresses ! Fancy these hand-sewn silver paiettes swirling over the curves….. Well, indeed utterly dazzling and fun, but despite the fact that I lost 10 kg in the last 4 mths, I’m a bit hesitant… I think I can pull this one off, but it might mean ‘nothing to eat’ from now till Christmas…. I was not aware of Sherri Hill dresses ! before, but they make fabulous prom and party dresses, in lots of different styles.

It’s another sequins dress but very different from my previous black dress and I love the glamor of it. And then, let’s have matching artsy & glamorous Gel Nails with Rhinestones, for fashion rebellion.

holiday wear nails

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