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OK. Time to get the Christmas cards ready.  Now. I know that my top 10 favorite people always get their Christmas cards either late, or on the day, because I’ll give them handmade Christmas cards by yours truly. And because they love me back, it’s ok that they are late-ish.

However, for my wider community I try to be a tat more professional and friendlier. In particularly now that I’m in Italy and further away…. read…   the post office people need more time do their thing, I need lots of really good, personalized greeting cards for Christmas holidays, that give a feel of being handmade…EARLY!

Thumbs up for TinyPrints

So, that said, may I introduce you to my online friends at TinyPrints.  The cards that I’ve found at TinyPrints are as good as it gets.  Not only are they are gorgeous, unique, personalized and really professional-looking, Tiny Prints offers personalized service and has no hidden fees nor charges (unlike others!).   All that on top of the fact that they offer an affordable rate per card. 

In sum, their Christmas cards are way more affordable than anyone else out there, and a sure pleasure to buy from them. Did I already mention personalized service? Well, don’t be surprised if the design artist who is working with your photographs is given you a call to quickly confirm a design detail with you, in case there’s any ambiguity.  That you get your cards, exactly as YOU want them. 

Tip: If you are a photographer, these cards are a particularly good way

to show off your photos and to market your business in the holiday season.

Gorgeous Christmas Cards

Here are my top 3 choices for this year, but they have over a 1,000 choices for Christmas / holiday season cards alone (See Tiny Prints 2010 Holiday Cards).  I like these because they cover more than just Christmas (not all my friends are Christian: some are Buddhist, and some don’t celebrate Christmas but love their other holidays, etc.)

holiday photo cards

I like this funky font, and will pair it with a whimsical picture to extend the unique, fun & uplifting nature of this card.

holiday photo cards

This really unique greeting card could become a personalized memento  that my friends & family like to keep with their Christmas ornaments…  I love that it looks handmade and crafty.

Holiday Cards

Again, this card is really lighthearted and good for everyone. The font is really modern, making this into a light, yet professional contemporary Christmas card.

Now that you’ve read this far, please help me decide.

Which holiday card do you like best?

Looking forward to your comments below.


(to get your Christmas cards  in order too:

Do not forget to order your own holiday cards **** HERE  ****.

BTW. This is the LAST WEEKEND you can order Thanksgiving Cards and still be IN TIME!

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