10 Holiday Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

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This is the season that everyone is becoming crafty and a home decorator. Great! Some of us have an innate ability to design spaces. But not everyone is a born designer. Let’s just say we all make some design and decorating mistakes. Here are 10 tips to avoid common holiday home decorating, design and entertainment mistakes.

10 Holiday Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Holiday Decorating Mistakes to Avoid. Photo by Lina Kivaka.

1.  Don’t Leave Things Till The Last Minute.

Rushed decorations never come out nice.  They feel ‘thrown together’ instead of enriching the home. You may end up with a color clash, a style clash and clutter. On top of everything,
usually you overpay too when you go out and purchase things in a hurry.

Holiday Decorating Tip #1 : Plan ahead.

Start with deciding on a theme or color palette for the holiday season. 

Next, take down your Spring, Summer and Fall decorations and put them away in a couple of shoe boxes and store them in the garage for a while.

Start with a clean design.

Do room by room and jot down design ideas.

Next, look at all the Christmas decorations that you already own, and use these creatively.

swarovski ornaments

Shopping for Holiday Decorations

Your Holiday Decorations Shopping List

Decide what else you need, make a list (to keep in your handbag) and collect items progressively.

  • Buy fewer items of the best quality you can afford.
  • This general home decorating rule brings best results, for your holiday display, and at all times. So, think 5 Swarosvki crystal snowflake ornaments, rather than a tacky box of 100+ plastic ones in all colors of the rainbow.
  • Don’t buy things on sale that looks cute but you have no idea where to put it. These items will be clutter and drag your holiday display down.


A good target date to have all you need is end November till mid- December. By that time, it’s really time to put up your Christmas decorations.

Although in some countries, it is tradition to wait decorating the Christmas tree till Christmas eve.  So, go with what feels right for your family.

Personally, I feel that adding holiday loveliness progressively without the stress of having a tight deadline makes home decorating fun.

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