Holiday Decorating Mistake: Avoid Christmas Décor to Overtake Your House

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Holiday Decorating Mistake # 3: Avoid Your Christmas Décor to Overtake Your House. | Don’t overdo it. Less is more, and that counts for seasonal decoration too.   Avoid cluttering your home with small holiday craft projects and decorations scattered everywhere. Don’t overdo it with glitter either as a little goes a long way.  

Holiday Decorating Tip 3: Decorations should accent the home and not be the center focus.  So, consider outside lights that highlight the landscape rather than a blowup Santa waving on your lawn.   Choose a tree size that does not dominate your living room. It should not be too large. Consider keeping wrapped gifts out of sight till Christmas eve. rusty tin americana tree topper

Apply common design rules: Create a focal point and stick to a single style and theme for each room.  Use your flair and choose artful decorative accents, like your favorite ornaments arranged in a bowl.  Choose a holiday decorating style that matches the style of your year-round decorations. If your home is decorated in a spunky country-style, think decorations in a compatible style, like this really cool primitive rusty tin Americana star tree topper.

Start with basics: holiday candles, stockings, a wreath or a small tastefully decorated tree. If you use what you have on hand, you won’t have to spend a lot of money either on creating a cozy, holiday feeling in your home.

I highly recommend taking pictures of your holiday home decorations. The process of taking photographs will help you create focal points with layers of display and abundance, i.e. it will help you to grouped objects rather than scatter. And, it will highlight what you still need to create that fullness. Most importantly, leave some space undecorated. This will work like white space on a canvas.  You’ll see when you take those pictures.

Once you’ve taken your pictures, look at them and edit, edit, edit !!!! (That’s interior design speak for ‘take things back out’.).

…. Tip 4. Avoid Mess.

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