Holiday Decorating Idea: This year, don’t be a perfectionist.

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When we think of an holiday decorating idea, we always think of ‘something to do’ rather than to ‘not do’. Today’s post is about ‘Holiday Season Decorating Mistakes to Avoid #6’, for a breath of fresh air.

Holiday Decorating Idea christmas babyBe A ‘Perfectionist’.

Even without perfectionism, the busy holidays are already stressful enough. Sooo…. do not stress over your holiday decor, the turkey or presents.

No matter what you’ll do, things won’t be perfect. Sometimes decorations break, sometimes the turkey burns or the sauce is not hot enough and sometimes you give the wrong gifts. Well, so what?! If you’ve worked on it all with love, all will be lovely no matter what.


A perfect holiday is time spent with a happy heart. ~

Rose, FineCraftGuild


Holiday Decorating Tip 6: Ultimately, Christmas is about baby Jesus and the Christmas story.  So, in turn, focus on what’s important in your life, i.e. enjoy your holiday time together with your kids, your family, and friends.   Mind the ‘perfectionist trap’ by taking a few minutes to meditate. Do so a few times a day throughout the season. You will be happier. And, when you’re relaxed, you’ll be better company. Have fun.

As well, take note of tip #1. When you plan more, e.g. write out gift tags or cards at the same time you wrap presents you avoid confusion, and everyone gets the right toys.

(Image: Aneta Blaszczyk)


…. Tip 7. Mind Those Christmas Lights

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