Holiday Indian Corn Centerpiece


I came across this husky centerpiece and fell in love with it. It’s so simple, elegant and appropriate.    I bet that the shine through the husk leaves is wonderful. The mix of the luxurious velvet ribbon with the simple husks is just perfect. As such, the ribbon is both a functional and a design element. Anyone with a hurricane in the house (and that makes just about all of us) is eligible for this seasonal make-over!

What a beautiful centerpiece to have for the Thanksgiving holiday table!!!

Holiday Centerpiece

The picture is just for inspiration. I am planning to make (a version of) this centerpiece for the holidays for our home.  What I like about it is that the husks do not need any tending too, and the whole work of art is good till XMAS, if not beyond.I have no idea if Indian corns are expensive, so I have to look into that.

How-to Step-by-Step Instructions

If you want to make this exact holiday table centerpiece, follow these simple instructions:

  1. 1.Measure your hurricane and work out how many corns you’ll need. You can find these at the farmers markets in Fall, at premium craft shops and perhaps even faux-versions of them at your dollar store.  The picture contains 16 bottom-cut corns, and 32 corn leaves.
  2. When you have bought the corns,  take off the leaves (but save 32 leaves or a few extra),
  3. Cut the corn bottoms flat, stick them on a craft pin or any skewer that allows you to hold them while you them with spray paint, and while they dry.  The pix shows a copper paint, but I think it would look just as nice in silver, white, or even light moss green or a pastel-version of burgundy (what’s that color called?).
  4. Hot glue the cobs and add the leaves. Hot glue them all together, all around the glass.
  5. Tie the ribbon, and voila.

Photo: © Lisa Hubbard / Woman’s Day

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