Hello Kitty Handbag: Too Cute!!

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Today, I want to show you the new Hello Kitty handbag my little niece just receive, which is truly an inspiration for us all. (sorry no free pattern – inspiration only)

Sure, there are many Hello Kitty Bags around, and some Hello Kitty Handbags are cuter than others, but this one is TRULY SPECIAL.

It is PINK, but not only that: it is pink in all kinds of flavors and variations. The fabrics on this bag range from pink polka dots with candy green, two fabrics with two sizes of dots. Then there is the pink/white blocked fabric for the inside of the pockets, then there is the pure pink fabric for the ruffle on the front.  To top it off, it has a pink shoulder strap and pink beaded handles.   This toy is a candy. Gorgeous, an amazing amount of attention to details.


Now have a look:



hellokittybag1hello kitty bag
hello kitty baghello kitty bag

(click on the images to see more of the detail. Best feature not shown is the strawberry-shaped jewel hanging from the inside zipper.


Sewing Craft Inspirationhellokittybag2

We can really learn on how to be bright and bold, to stick to a color scheme that works and then to embellish till it’s “just so”.

It’s also a reminder to add both handles and shoulder straps to our own bags, as we have occasional use for either strap.



This handbag/shoulder bag is perfect for a little girl, as you can tell. Equally, it is no surprise to me that many teenagers and hip young adults also love their Hello Kitty handbags.


Do you want your own Hello Kitty Bags?



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