How to make heart-shaped wreaths with felt or fabric

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Romance in the home. 60 2.5” fabric circles, a cardboard box lid, a fabric pen, pencil, scissors, and a glue gun (or thread & needle) and say 59 minutes later …

and you’ll have this: a warm heart at home.

heart wreath

How To Make Heart Shaped Wreaths with Felt

Use a sturdy or thicker fabric such as felt, but do think beyond felt!

Draw a large heart on cardboard, draw a smaller one within it, and now cut out your heart shape. There is nothing too exact about this, however, you have to ensure that the cardboard frame is substantially narrower than two or three of the folded over flowers.

Using a template (e.g. a saucer or coaster) of approx 2.5 inch diameter, draw 60-odd circles onto your fabric and cut them out. 

To make the fabric ‘flowers’ or ruffles, fold each circle twice.

(tip: now  use a few of these flowers to check if your heart shape will show. If so, cut it back a tat).

If you are a hotgun-kinda craft person, just use that glue-gun to tack on the flowers, one by one…

If you are a seamstress, stitch through each double-folded flower and string the flowers together. You could loop your thread through and around your cardboard base.

Stand back from time to time and stay true to any kind of technique you’re using: if you are random, stay random. If you line them us like so, keep doing that, till you complete the whole circle.

Depending on the extend of overlap you’re after,  you’ll need about 60 or so circles, and you can always make some more later if you are short a few near the end.

This is a very forgiving craft, where the details do not really show. It’s fast and easy, and looks great, doesn’t it???

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