Healthy Snacks for Kids:: Fruit Popsicles Recipe


Oh, those poor kids in the UK who are still in school. This is for you. An after-school super-fun, super-cool craft for kids : DIY fruit popsicles! These super – healthy snacks for kids are the most colorful summer treats ever.

healhty snacks kids

Healthy Snacks for Kids :: DIY Organic Fruit Popsicles Recipe

Here’s our recipe for organic fruit popsicles.

Healthy Snacks

1. Collect all sorts of sweet organic fruits from the fridge, the fruit bowl or the back garden. Be sure to gather a wide range of pretty colors. We want our healthy snacks also to be colorful and beautiful. Here we gathered a couple of giant figs, a large ripe peach, a couple of apricots, a piece of cantaloupe and a lemon.  

Choose your favorite fruit mix. Healthy Snacks


Healthy Snacks



2. Wash all fruit thoroughly, peel (if necessary) and cut the fruit into small pieces. 


3. Smash the pieces into the popsicle stand and fill each mold to the top. Your molds should be 98% fruit.




Healthy Snacks

4. Those last 2 % tend to be air pockets…. or fruit juice. Pick a favorite juice that matches the types of fruit you packed into your popsicle molds and now fill the molds to the brim with the liquid. Make sure you have leave no air pockets in the lowest section of the popsicles.


5. Put popsicle sticks into your fruit-filled molds and place the popsicle stand into the freezer to freeze for two hours. Voila your super – healthy snacks!




(I guess I need to show off a bunch of kids eating these popsicles. Well, these healthy snacks were so popular, that the first batch of fruit popsicles was eaten before I could even take a photo!!). Sorry guys…


diy fruit popsicles :: food kids can make


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