5 super healthy recipes: yummy & easy on the budget


5 super healthy recipes here for you today! | But i have to confess that I had a hard time deciding which recipes to feature this week as my standards for ‘healthy’ are pretty high.

It means that nothing comes out of a can; only fresh ingredients. The occasional dried herbs are acceptable if everything else is fresh. But even things like garlic powder are out, because their fresh versions are so incredibly healthy and better tasting, that to deal with that powder stuff is not quite cutting it to me.

So here are 5 super healthy recipes that made the grade.

(As a bonus, I added a small healthy-ish treat at the end).

Super healthy recipe 1: Quinoa egg scramble breakfast or brunch

super healthy recipes: quinoa scrambled eggs breakfast recipe

Terri and Pam from The Housewives of Frederick County shared their version of this delicious quinoa egg scramble, which makes for a really healthy breakfast or lunch.

If you are with Weight Watchers, then you’ll care that this recipe equals 12 Weight Watchers points, plus values.

Delicious and super healthy vegan gluten-free bread recipe

healthy recipes: vegan gluten free bread


In case you missed it: I have just featured Jutta as an artist in my new  ‘A Stitch Above’-series (check out her free sewing pattern for comfortable summer skirt from old yoga pants, and come back this Monday to see the spotlight on a third ‘A Stitch Above’- artist).

Jutta Dobler shares her personal ‘aha’ moment: ‘How about finding food that tastes like it is bad for you (i.e. that delicious, yummy, want-lots-more taste!), but at the same time actually supports and nourishes your body?

Her vegan bread recipe is a winner on both accounts: super healthy and super delicious!!! Besides her bread recipe, Jutta also shares her way of making hummus. So go check both out.

As a bonus, I thought to also share my own recipe. As I make my hummus recipe from scratch, it’s super healthy and delicious. You should try doing that overnight soaking thing with chickpeas, folks!! It’s worth it! Healthy! Healthy! Healthy!

Super healthy recipes 3: Salad with Cranberry, Apple, Pear & Nuts

healthy recipes: cranberry nuts salad

Pamela Felds, from The best-laid plans shared with us her sister’s healthy salad recipe. She might as well have been my sister, as I like to make salads like this also.  Easy, scrumptious and healthy.  I don’t own poppy seed dressing and I buy salad from the farm.

Super healthy recipes 4: Greek chicken gyros

healthy recipes: chicken gyros

Maybe because the morning is almost over and it’s approaching lunchtime, but right now I am craving these chicken gyros.  Oh yummmm.

Tieghan from HalfbakedHarvest.com shared with us a not-so-halfbaked recipe from homemade chicken gyros.  Tieghan makes everything ‘just-so’: divinely herb-ed chicken strips, olive-laden filling with two different type of olives, Greek yoghurt-based sauce, etc.

Basically, there’s nothing ‘half-baked’ about her cooking!  That notion of ‘half-baked’ she says, is a reflection of her family’s cooking. I guess that’s been a vital ingredient in her becoming a super-chef.

The list of ingredients is rather long, but you can tell, it’s made from scratch. The recipe for homemade pita bread is even included. It’s actually pretty simple.

Super healthy recipes 5: Egg Pie with Asparagus, Feta & Ham

healthy recipes for brunch: Asparagus feta egg crostada

Last but not least is this oven-based egg brunch recipe by Linda, from With a Blast. Linda creates lots of different things, in the kitchen as well as in her craft room. 

Today she treats us to a really fun Sunday brunch dish that’s made in the oven. 

It’s quite easy, and by looking at the ingredients, you  must agree that this is one of the healthier recipes for oven-baked breakfast treats.

That’s it. 5 + Healthy brunch recipes featured, to extend your repertoire of delicious & healthy homemade food.

There were lots of other delicious recipes for any kind of food ranging from party treats to breakfast pancakes. Steak, veggies and the works…. From plain but healthy beans to sophisticated asparagus. So check out these recipes also.

So, as a bonus, here’s a dessert!!!

Coconut Macaroon Cookies

White flour and white sugar kept to a minimum, whose dessert would I like to eat??!!  I found one I like. This one:

healthy recipes: coconut cookies recipe

According to Alyson from Wine & Plum this is an ideal last-minute dessert. I like it because it is mostly coconut, which means it will be bursting with flavor, while sugar and flour are kept to a minimum. It uses just egg whites rather than whole eggs so that’s good for our cholesterol, probably. Plus, the recipe is for just 12 cookies, so you are not able to over-eat (which apparently is easy to do, as they are really yummy). All sounds good to me.

Other healthy recipes featured at FineCraftGuild includes this delicious Vegan Hummus Bites Recipe.

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