Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals

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Ok. I want to take this opportunity to share a little secret. I haven’t written for almost a year, but I haven’t forgotten you. Far from this. I resigned of my prior work to be able to start knitting again. I did.

I’m DESIGNING a new hat, that you can make on 2 straight needles, with some lovely chenille yarn. I love the look of this yarn when worked up, albeit that it’s not the easiest to work with… Stay tuned. I’ll post the hat pattern when it’s ready…

In the meantime, I’d like to warn you it’s gift giving season coming up. Starting today, at Thanksgiving.

It is NOT the same, celebrating Thanksgiving in the UK, I must say. It lacks lustre. I had to work all day Thursday, and stay late – so the celebrations are moved to today, Saturday. So go figure, black Friday comes before Thanksgiving in this new world.

In fact, when I went to my butcher Thursday, he did not even have any turkeys. Too early he told me. As I have been coming there for years, he went to pick one of for me for today! What a nice guy.

So to you all, my dear friends and readers – if you are still there – Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you all the beautiful that the season holds for you. Full moons, pumpkin pie and spiced lattes, lots of reds and ambers everywhere, and of course, lots of family and socials. And much else to give thanks for.

We recently bought a home, so well, there is lots to give thanks for, and lots to know, to knot, to knit and even crochet for.

So here it is my friends, I am sharing with you some of my deals that I can offer through affiliates:

Happy holidays! And hope you enjoy all these Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals!

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