Last minute celebration preparation can still turn out really great

Let me enhance everybody’s Fourth of July holiday decoration projects and Independence Day celebrations with this FREE fourth of July clipart STENCIL template for this holiday weekend.

fourth of July clipart

I designed it in such a way that you can simply print this, copy it many times and make little flags with for your BBQ. Or, if you prefer, get so some powder sugar or cocoa powder out, place the one-off paper fourth of July clipart template on your cake, and sprinkle.

Very easy.


I made a ‘high res’ version of about 4.5 inch by 4.5 inch allowing you to make a large detailed print. 

You could use this free fourth of July clipart template to spruce up your party team t-shirts, mugs, cappuccino coffee cups, button design, you name it.  You can even use it to make a stamp, it’s so simple.

Let your own creativity tell you how to use this clipart.


FREE fourth of July clipart

This downloadable template is meant for private use solely.

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