Happy Easter activities for kids: ideas for a great time!

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Happy Easter Activities | Just thought to share with you some photos of our Happy Easter activities.

Happy Easter Activities Idea #1: Baking Easter Cookies

Here is our Easter cookie recipe. We had so much fun making these bunnies! Be sure to check out our recipe for these darling decorated Easter cookies.

Definitely a fun Easter activity to do with the kids today. They may not look as pretty as store bought cookies, but they were so much more fun to make! I hope you’ll have some fun with this as well.

happy easter cookie recipe

Treasure found at our Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt

We also went on an Easter Hunt. Here’s the prize my little one and I got at the end of a recent neighbourhood Easter Egg hunt. It’s a delightful foam bunny house, where the owls are helping in the Easter Egg Hunt, Too cute!

This darling house has 128 foam pieces to be put together. And we had a great time doing it. My little one loved the details, like the owl and the Easter egg hunt sign.

easter activities for kids bunnies egg hunt owl

This foam house kit toy is from Creatology. I think it is a great quality toy. A true no-candy treat for 6 – 10 year old.

easter egg hunt treasure

The closest equivalent I could find for you to buy to make your own Easter Hunt treasury for your family or local community is this kit:

To learn more or purchase:

Jokes for Kids for Easter

hilarious jokes for kids for easter

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